Austin Yancey

Performer, Educator, Composer, Arranger

I am a huge advocate for solid, positive instruction; no matter what level the student my be. It is imperative that we push for a great educational standard, so that the world can witness the growth of an art that has defined societies throughout history.


Starting on October 11th, 2016; I will be teaching MUS 101G; A70 - which is an online music appreciation course offered through New Mexico State University of Alamogordo. I am very excited to take on this opportunity as a part time instructor at the collegiate level. After my probational period ends, I will be able to push this class to different universities throughout the United States. You too can sign up for this class in the future! Be on the lookout, more news to come!

Every Monday, I teach private woodwind lessons to middle and high school students in Easton, MA. Here, these students learn basic to advanced concepts of their specific instruments as well as music theory. The goal is to try and mold well rounded musicians; as well as to inspire whatever the student sets out to achieve.

I also have the honor of teaching piano and woodwind lessons through a fantastic company called Jammin' With You. This school gathers students from around the suburban neighborhoods of Boston, such as Wellesley, Newton, and Natick. These aspiring toddlers are such a joy to work with, and quite frankly keep me on my toes! 

If you or young one would like to participate in music lessons - whether it be beginning to intermediate Piano; or advanced woodwind and theory lessons, do not hesitate to contact me! It would be such a pleasure to bring music to your household. Feel free to contact me through my "Contact" link at the top of the webpage.