Austin Yancey

Performer, Educator, Composer, Arranger

This song entitled, "LCC #5," is a composition by the wonderfully talented Amanda Ekery! I was lucky enough to be able record with such a fine musician. This is a duo piece that she modeled off of the Lydian Chromatic Concept that is taught at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA!


These are some clips of John Allmark's Jazz Orchestra! We meet the first Monday at The Met in Pawtucket, RI @ 8:30 -11:30pm, every month. This is one of the most incredible bands that I have ever played with. Enjoy!

Here's a couple of clips of Dan Hersog's East Coast Jazz Orchestra... Solos are myself and Billy Buss in the first video, and Noah Preminger and myself in the second.


Kind of a long video, but here is what an average gig looked like with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Check it out, I'm playing Second Tenor!


Charlie Argersinger's - LA Rendezvous 

I had the great opportunity to record on this fantastic record with my father, Craig Yancey and my brother, Nigel Yancey. This album also features the incredible Lanny Morgan and Rob Lockart - Check it out!

Stay Tuned!! More to follow!!